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An award-winning Trinidadian manufacturer of fruit juices and concentrates, Fresh Start products are synonymous with all the vibrant fruit flavours of the Caribbean. The invigorating tastes of Fresh Start’s high-quality juices and cordials instantly evoke memories of sucking ripe oranges picked in your backyard, sipping cold sorrel while sitting around a twinkling Christmas tree, or sharing juicy portugal pegs with friends on a sun-drenched afternoon.

Fresh Start’s well-established brand is known for its wide range of flavours, including refreshing classic juices like orange and grapefruit, along with true Trinbagonian favourites, like tamarind, mauby and guava. After 20 years in business, it is this ongoing commitment to delivering an exceptional product made of purely West Indian fruits that has allowed Fresh Start to make a name for itself throughout Trinidad and Tobago’s households, restaurants, and hotels.

How Fresh Start got its start

Like its juices, Fresh Start Limited is 100 per cent home-grown, started by Trinidadians right here in T&T. Far from yet another corporate conglomerate, Fresh Start Limited is a small, family-run agro-processing business specialising in the production of fruit juices and fruit cordials.

The company was established in 1994 with one overarching goal: to use all-natural, local fruits to produce world-class beverages. By taking juices and pulps from indigenous West Indian fruits to create naturally flavoured juice drinks, Fresh Start took a bold step away from the typical product offering in Trinidad and Tobago, and gave consumers the chance to really savour all the delicious natural goodness of the Caribbean.

With an initial staff of only three people, Fresh Start set out on the journey to where it is today. Despite extremely limited capital, the team persevered, fuelled by their desire to create a thoroughly local product at the highest international standards. The quality and outstanding flavours of the first Fresh Start product lines, Caribbean Fruit Ice and Fresh Start Cordials, soon garnered the attention of the retail and hospitality industries; now, two decades after opening for business, Fresh Start has become a household name.

What sets Fresh Start products apart

In 2004 Fresh Start launched its line of ready-to-drink West Indian fruit juices which proved hugely successful in the retail sector where it was near impossible to find natural fruit juices in convenient, re-sealable packaging. This sense of ingenuity, along with an inspired work ethic, is what has earned Fresh Start numerous industry awards for product innovation, sector improvement, and first-class business and accounting practices.

Today, Fresh Start offers two major product lines, its Fresh Fruit Juices and its Concentrates, with over 10 different natural flavours. Not only does their wide selection of juice beverages make Fresh Start products popular in retail, but the hospitality industry in particular has embraced Fresh Start concentrates as they make easily prepared and affordable juice cordials with an impressive all-natural taste.

For more information on any Fresh Start products, please call 1 (868) 637-4902, email us at or contact us via our website.


Fresh Start Ltd. is a small family owned argo processing business founded in 1994.

Since its inception the company has sought to provide consumers with all naturally flavoured fruit beverages and snacks. In its infancy, Fresh Start Ltd had a total staff of three, extremely limited capital and two product lines, the "Caribbean Fruit Ice" and "Fresh Start Cordials"...

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Fresh Start cordials are particularly attractive to the hospitality industry because they are naturally flavoured, easy to prepare and very economical.

Our products utilise local, indigenous West indian fruit flavours and pulps. This makes Fresh Start products a must have wherever a Caribbean population exists...

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Nutrition is the fuel that helps to keep your body at its best, giving you the ability to breathe, move, and think properly.

A balanced diet provides that essential nutrition to help you get the right balance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients you need each day. Too much of one nutrient or too little of another and the balance is thrown off...

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Over the years Fresh Start has received many awards for product innovation, sector improvement, business and accounting practices.

In 2004 Fresh Start Ltd. launched its line of West Indian drinks, which became an instant hit within the retail sector where fresh juices were previously almost unattainable in a convenient re-sealable package...

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